Rules & Regulations

Keys Palms RV Resort Rules & Regulations

  1. Maximum of 6 guests per site (overnight) including children. RV Resort Registered Guest may have outside visitors visit them
    at the RV Park, as long as the total count of persons, including registered guest does not exceed 6 people per rented site,
    including children. Visitors must register at RV Park Office; a $15.00 per person, per day fee will be assessed per visitor.
  2. Only the Renter and Registered Guests may remain overnight on site.
  3. RV Park check in time: 2 PM. RV Park check out time: 12 noon. Any changes will be made upon availability and RV Park<br />
    Management approval.
  4. All vehicles must display a current pass in the front windshield. Vehicles without a valid current pass will/may be towed at owner's
    expense without prior warning. No overnight Visitors or Visitor's vehicles allowed (see rule #2 above).
  5. As a registered Guest, you are responsible for all your Visitors, your animals and activities on your site and within the RV Park.
  6. Keys Palms RV Resort is a RV only Resort. No tents or popup trailer, no exceptions.
  7. The speed limit throughout the Resort is 5mph. Speed limit will be strictly enforced for the safety of all guests.
  8. Reckless operation of any vehicle may cause eviction of the driver and/or all occupants of the site. (Reckless operation is defined
    at management discretion and not a topic of debate).
  9. Renter will be held responsible for the safe operation of any vehicle(s) operated by themselves, their guest(s), and/or their
    visitor(s) while in the RV Park.
  10. All items (vehicles, boats, trailers, equipment, awnings, and outdoor furniture, etc.) must be occupying assigned site only. Resort
    will not store items.
  11. Vehicle/boat washing is not authorized on site or on RV Park property.
  12. Noise level from all sources within your vehicle or golf cart, must be reasonable at all times. Please be courteous and refrain from loud activities that could affect other guests. Quiet Hours are between 11 PM and 8 AM., all music, parties, unnecessary engine running and any sounds should be kept at levels audible only to the occupants of your site/golf cart/vehicle. Children under the age of 16 must be on their respective site during Quiet Hours.
  13. Smoking is prohibited by Florida Law in the clubhouse, game room, pool, office, laundry and restrooms. Please do not dispose of butts on the ground. Please use proper receptacles located throughout the resort for disposal of such items.
  14. Personal BBQs are authorized on your site only. Ground fires and fire pits are prohibited. No Fryers on picnic table-tops.
  15. Fireworks are prohibited by County Law and are not permitted on RV Park property. Fireworks of any kind found on RV Park property, will result in the confiscation of all firework and eviction of the offender, as well as, all occupants of associated site. RV Park will not accept excuses for violating this rule. Any questions about the definition of “fireworks” can be addressed to management or to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department.
  16. Placement of the RV on the site must be in accordance with the layout of the RV Park and direction given by the staff. RV Park site must be clutter-free, neat, and tidy.
  17. All motorized water craft and trailers must be stored on the site.
  18. Only one (1) 10’ x 20’ approved after-market product (i.e. awnings, canopies, and/or screen rooms) is allowed in addition to the factory installed awning(s). The awning/canopy/screen room must be approved by the management before set-up on site. Absolutely no shop/tube lights allowed.
  19. At the end of stay, all items MUST be removed from site and disposed of. Site must be clear of all personal items and debris/trash as it was upon your arrival.
  20. Awning mats and/or area rugs should have a finished edge and be designated for outdoor use.
  21. No refrigerator/freezer is permitted outside the RV.
  22. Washers, dryers and stoves of any type are prohibited outside the RV.
  23. No outdoor showers are permitted on site. No toilets of any kind are authorized outside of the RV.
  24. All registered RV’s must be in good working order and appearance. Only emergency repairs are allowed on site and must be approved by the Management prior to proceeding with the repair.
  25. Only licensed and insured vendors are permitted on the property.
  26. Space around and under the RV shall be kept neat and free from rubbish, trash and other items.
  27. Self-standing clothes racks may be utilized for beach towels and swimwear only. No clotheslines are allowed between trees, RV and trees, etc.
  28. Laundry room dryers can only be used for clean items that have been washed. No sandy towels or swimwear! Violators will be responsible for the cost of any equipment repairs.
  29. Persons violating RV Park Policies are subject to eviction. As a privately owned resort, we reserve the right to refuse entry and/or reserve the right to evict those who do not observe or who violate our policies.
  30. Water balloons are not authorized.
  31. Canvases that are part of a canopy may be used to protect your site. As long as they are properly tied down and removed if RV is going to be vacant for more than one day.
  32. Management is not responsible for and assumes no liability in the event of loss due to theft, accident, fire, acts of nature or any other loss including loss of power/electricity, whether it may be personal injury or loss of property. This includes refrigerators,
    freezers or anything contained therein.
  33. RV Park management strives to keep a pleasing, clean and safe RV Park for your enjoyment. The policies will be interpreted
    and approved by the RV Park Managers and are subject to change without notice.


  34. Pool hours are 9 AM till 9 PM.
  36. NO Diving into Pool nor SPA.
  37. Children in pool area or inside the pool, under the age of 12 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult AT ALL TIMES.
  38. ADA pool lift and lifesaving equipment are NOT TOYS – do not play with these items.
  39. No food, No music, No glass bottles or glass items, No pets (ADA Service Animals exempt) are permitted in pool or pool area.
  40. Babies and non-potty-trained children must wear swim diapers.


  41.  All pets must be declared and registered at check-in.
  42. Aggressive pets and Pit Bulls are prohibited (see office for other breed/species restrictions).
  43. Proof of current rabies vaccine is required at check-in for all pets.
  44. Maximum two (2) animals per site; however, additional small pets (under 10 lbs.) will be considered on a case-by-case basis by Management (an additional fee may be required).
  45. Pets are not to be left unattended or tied-up outside RV.
  46. Pets must be restrained on a leash when outside of RV.
  47. Pets are not allowed (with the exception of ADA Service Animals) in the clubhouse, game room, office, laundry room, restrooms, pool or pool deck, beach or in landscaped areas (except designated areas).
  48. Do not wash/bathe pets in the bathroom or on your site. Please use the designated dog washing area.
  49. Please relieve your pets in designated areas, always have a bag ready and properly dispose of pet waste (inclusive of Pet Park and your assigned site) in provided containers.
  50. Pet owners whose pets cause a disturbance, who are bothersome or acting aggressively towards other guests or pets, may be asked to remove the pet from the resort.
  51. Please use pet waste stations located throughout the RV park.


  52. Dockage is reserved for registered Guest(s), at their designated slip.
  53. All boats shall be tied in a manner that does not permit the boat to damage the dock or other boats.
  54. All dockage is at your own risk – the resort assumes NO LIABILITY for damages, loss or injuries of any kind.
  55. Boats can be rinsed off in designated area, available to the registered guests only. Please conserve water!
  56. Please see management for approved mooring areas of personal watercrafts and small boats. Fees may apply, space is limited and is on a first come first served basis.
  57. You must be 14 years of age to operate a personal watercraft or small boat.
  58. No wake within 500 feet from boat dock.
  59. The Resort is not responsible for any stolen/lost item. Please do not leave valuable fishing gear, electronics or personal items in your boat or on dock.
  61. Fishing is authorized only in designated RV Park areas. Keep sharp objects including fillet knives and hooks safely stored and do not leave them lying on the dock.
  62. Children must be at least 14 years of age and be proficient swimmers to be allowed on the docks unattended. Otherwise, children must be accompanied by someone at least 14 years old and child must be wearing a life jacket.
  63. Do not throw bait or fish remains in trash cans. Please dispose of fish carcasses properly.
  64. No fish cleaning is allowed on sites.
  65. Propane fish fryers are not authorized.


  67. Golf carts are not authorized after 11 PM. and before 7 AM.
  68. All golf carts must be registered upon check-in. Only one golf cart per site will be authorized.
  69. Valid Driver’s License for all golf cart drivers is required, (copies of license will be kept on file)
  70. Insurance information (copy will be kept on file)
  71. An inspection may be conducted by Keys Palms RV Resort personnel to ensure golf cart meets Resort requirements
  72. Registration pass (provided by front office) must be displayed on the golf cart at all times.
  73. Keys must be removed from the golf cart when not in use.
  74. Golf cart owner is responsible for ensuring all operators possess a valid driver’s license and comply with this agreement.
  75. Passengers are limited to the number of seats on the golf cart.
  76. In order to operate a golf cart after sunset, it must be equipped with working “fixed” headlights (non-flashing) and reflectors.
    (Lights must be used after sunset.)
  77. Golf carts are to be operated in a safe and reasonable/responsible manner at all times.
  78. Driving through sites (occupied or empty) is not authorized. Carts must remain on designated roadways.
  79. Golf carts must obey the 5 MPH speed limit. Speed limit will be strictly enforced.
  80. Driving with open containers or under the influence will not be tolerated. Management reserves the right to revoke privileges if said occurs. Revoked privileges will remain in effect for the duration of the violators stay.
  81. Battery charging is authorized on assigned site only.

NOTE: If the use of Golf Carts becomes a nuisance/hindrance or endangerment to guests due to noncompliance with the rules and policies of this agreement, management reserves the right to cancel any and all recreational Golf Cart operations for any and all guests without any advance notice and without the consensus of our guests. The decision to cancel recreational Golf Cart usage is at management sole discretion and not a topic of debate.